The Container

Why we build

The main logic behind such a construction is the wish of having a multifunctional space. Challenge: can we make a module that can function as an office, as a shop or even as a house? This is were the project`s theme originated. Can we accomplish this?

How we build

The main building block of of our project is the metallic shipping container. It is proven to be a strong, standardized structure, with a wide usage range. This structure allows us cutting, reinforcements, glass surface settings, insulation and plating for a truly functional module.

We can say that we reuse anything and everything and that we only make use of recyclable materials. The module can be accesorized with soalr panels, systems that retain rainwater, and thus achieving energy independence.

Outer aceesories include teraces, jardinière and decorative pergolas. Together they manage to integrate the module in any modern, contemporary setting.

What we build

Modularity means infinite outcomes. Any function can be achieved or adapted to this kind of space.

All we wanted was an office and a shop. We did it! What do you want to build?